WSHAPE - Hyaluron Caps



WSHAPE – Hyaluron Caps

A capsule containing 335 mg of hyaluronic acid per serving.

The product contains a big dose of hyaluronic acid, which as an antioxidant, has a water retention effect that supports the hydration of connective tissues (including the skin and nails), so they could stay healthier and more flexible. For a similar reason, we supplemented the active agent complex with 90 mg of Vitamin C that is proven to support the speed of skin recovery and restore the tightness of the skin.

It is fundamentally popular due to its beauty care benefits, yet one shouldn’t forget that additionally it has a beneficial effect on protecting the joints as it is the basic constituent of cartilages, moreover, the hyaluronic acid in cartilages hydrates the joints and protects them against chronic inflammations.

Hyaluronic acid is a protein found in all human connective tissues, accelerating the healing of wounds which is also a major reason for using it as a supplement.

  • 335 g hyaluronic acid/serving
  • Easy to swallow, capsule form
  • Skin-tightening effect
  • Impedes skin aging

Who is it recommended for?

For you, if

  • you’d like to regain the tightness of your skin
  • you’d like to prevent your skin from losing its flexibility
  • you’re suffering from joint issues and arthrosis

or if you’d simply like to use a tried and tested beauty care active agent and preserve your beauty for a long time to come!

How to use it?

Take 1 capsule after your last meal with plenty of water!

Packaging: 60 capsules