WSHAPE - Pyruvate



100% pure Calcium-pyruvate content in capsule form

Calcium-Pyruvate is a very popular diet-supporting active agent, which earned its reputation by contributing to the success of fat loss diets and the change to a healthier lifestlye with several processes.

The key to long-term fat loss is following a balanced diet and a healthier lifestyle. But for the support of regular exercising and conscious dieting pyruvate has been one of the most popular products from the ones who see working out only as a hobby to even competitive sportsmen.

Who is it for?

For you, if

  • you exercise regularly,
  • you are on a diet,
  • you are trying to get rid of the last traces of fat
  • for any reason you can not do any type of workout and you are looking for something that work even without exercising

or you simply want to reach your goals faster, and get the maximum development out of yourself!

Try it for yourself!

How to use it?

Take two capsules with your first meal of the day or 30 minutes before working out with plenty of water!

Package: 100 capsules – 50 servings