WSHAPE - Shine



Rise and Shine!

As a real woman it is clearly important for you to let your beauty shine. You’ve already learnt that to get the maximum out of yourself and to preserve your beauty day by day, you have to walk a rugged road full of compromises - however it is not a sin to make this work easier by enjoying and straightening the path to your goals, so the results can be even more compelling!

That is why we created our Rise and Shine product duo, which were born to lead you on this path and support your work until you can finally look into the mirror as a proud, strong woman.

WSHAPE - Shine is a flavoured, instant drink powder with such ingredients which may contribute to the preservation of your beauty and vitality. One main ingredient of the product is collagen, which is well known in the beauty industry. To enhance this effect, we also added MSM, Q10, Vitamin A*, and hyaluronic acid, and to contribute to the strength of hair, we complemented it all with biotin* and zinc*.

But not only beauty maintenance agents have found their places in the product! We even added CLA and HCA agents which are well known amongst sportsmen for their diet supporting effects, so nothing can draw boundaries to your beauty!

*Biotin contributes to the strength of the hair and the skin.
*Zinc contributes to the strength of the hair, the nails and the skin.
*Vitamin A contributes to maintaining the normal condition of the skin.

  • 600 mg hydrolysed beef collagen
  • refreshing, fruity flavours
  • modern agent complex

Who is it for?

For you, if

  • beside of working out you want to support your beauty in other ways too,
  • you are looking for a powdered supplement to the contribution of the trinity of hair, skin and nails
  • you are looking for a complex diet and beauty supporting product,

or simply in the place of empty calories and sugary beverages you want to drink something that is not only sugar free, but even useful for your body!

Try it for yourself!

How to take it?

Take one serving between two meals or before going to bed! To enhance the effect you can take two servings daily too.

Recommendation: Mix 1 serving (6 g) Rise with 250 ml cold water in a shaker and it is ready to drink!

Flavours: peach, raspberry

Packaging: 300 g (50 servings)