WSHAPE -Vegan Collagen Support



WSHAPE – Vegan Collagen Support

We all know how important collagen is since it makes up 75% of the skin, yet over the years the collagen levels in the body continuously decrease and thus the skin can lose its tightness. The re-supply of collagen with dietary supplements can greatly impede this process and can even help to restore the tightness of the skin in the case of naturally appearing wrinkles or post-pregnancy abdominal tightening.

That is the reason why the modern food supplement industry has several types of collagen products, but one thing is the same for all of them: since collagen is naturally only available in animal sources, none of them passes the vegan or vegetarian demands.
But this is the past now.

We recognised the need and adjusted our portfolio! We have created such a formula that uniquely stands as a bridge between the beneficial effects of collagen and vegan lifestyle.

Message your body!

WSHAPE - Vegan Collagen Support is a product that completely dispenses any ingredient that origins from animal sources since it does not contain whole collagen protein, yet it contains the unique matrix of all the elaborately picked agents which are the perfect combination for our bodies to produce that protein with uniquely great health effects. With the use of our product you can make sure that your body gets the desired collagen support from the BEST source it can - from yourself.

  • unique formula
  • own collagen production supporting ingredients
  • 100% vegan
  • added hyaluronic acid

How to use it?

Take 1-1 capsules with your first and with your last meal with plenty of water!

Package: 100 capsules (50 daily servings)