WSHAPE - Magic Shape Cream 200 ml



Cellulitis cream with high agent content for local treatment especially for women!

With time passing by your skin is under continuous stress, even if you try to protect it with elaborate care. From your body’s natural, hormonal changes through major weight changes ending the line with the time during and after pregnancy can have a negative impact on our most of the times undervalued organ: the skin.

The formation of cellulitis is a completely natural, but unwelcome process. Cellulitis is simply a fat layer under the upper skin layers, which may pull down the skin to the deeper layers, that is how the similar look of the surface of an orange gets formed.

Since most of the time our bodies do not burn this kind of fat in the first place when we start a diet, regular training is a good approach, but not certainly a complete solution for the problem.

Amongst Magic Shape Cream’s active agents are such modern substances like shea butter, tea leaf extract, avocado and coconut palm oil.

Who is it for?

For you, if

  • you are not contented with the smoothness of your skin
  • you do not accept compromises in connection with your beauty

or if you simply want to support your skin with the most modern substances!

Instructions for use: Smear an ample amount of cream on the most critical places (mostly bottom, thighs, calves), and massage it into your skin. For best results use it two times a day!

Size: 200 ml