FOOD - Drops



If you try to maintain a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet which does not have such nutrients that could prevent you from reaching your goals, it must be a pain in the back to find the foods that perfectly fit your needs.

To make healthy foods a bit more enjoyable, we created a product which will help you making your everyday foods a bit more tasteful without having to worry about the added calories, since our Drops are not only delicious, but also caloriefree!

  • Calorie free
  • Aspartame free
  • vegan
  • lactose, gluten, casein, and added sugar free

Who is it for?

For you, if

  • you follow a healthy lifestyle,
  • you avoid unneeded calories,
  • you are on a diet,
  • you are looking for a product that would contribute to your

or you simply like varied flavours that you can enjoy without guilt!

Try it for yourself!

How to use it?

Add some drops of Drops to your coffee, milk, protein shake, pancake dough, or anything, the limit is your imagination!

Size: 30 ml

Flavours: vanilla, coconut, stawberry, chocolate, nougat