FOOD - Cookies peanut 150 g



If you try to live a healthy lifestyle and follow a balanced diet which does not have nutrients or ingredients that are harmful to your body, then you surely have to give up several treats that you like. One of them can be a crispy and crunchy cookie full of chocolate…

But these days are over!

With the sacrificing work of our colleges we successfully ended a long product development session to make delicious cookies that are made of quality ingredients - and the hard work had its results (but not on the scale ;) )

Two products have been born in our FOOD product line with two different flavoring - one is the Peanut Cookies that has whole peanuts and chocolate on top, and one is the classical Chocolate Chip Cookies with ample sized chocolate pieces in them. But of course baking some tasteful cookies was not enough for us. We wanted them to serve as healthy alternatives with quality ingredients and good nutrients. As for that

  • we used rapeseed oil that is very high in unsaturated fats,

  • as sweetener we uses maltitol, which is a sugar-alcohol with much less calories than sugar has

  • we did not add any sugar to the cookies - moreover even the chocolate in and on them is sugar free!

  • (consists naturally occuring sugars)


Who is it for?

For you, if

  • you live a healthy lifestyle,

  • you regularly do sports,

  • you are on a diet,

  • you have a strong desire for sweets and desserts,

  • a lot of times you do not have time to eat healthily,

or you are simply like we are and love cookies! ;)

Try it for yourself!

How to take it?

Eat it in the morning, midday or at night, anytime you want!

Packaging: 135 g or 150 g depending on flavour

Flavours: Chocolate striped peanut cookies, Chocolate chip cookies