FOOD - Jam



If you try to live a healthy lifestyle and follow a balanced diet which does not have nutrients or ingredients that are harmful to your body, then you surely have to give up several treats that you like. One of them can be a crispy piece of bread spread with jam, or some pancakes nicely stuffed with your favorite jam…

But these days are over!

With the sacrificing work of our colleges we successfully ended a long product development session to make jamsthat are made of quality ingredients - and the hard work had its results (but not on the scale ;) )

A new product has been born in our FOOD product line with two different flavors - strawberry and apricot!

But of course simply cooking some jars of tasty jams was not enough for us. We wanted a healthy product with such ingredients and nutrient values, that truly can serve as an alternative in a diet-friendly way! We not only cook our jams from quality fruits, but we completely leave out any added sugar, we use polydextrose instead, which is an innovative dietary fiber thus a well known ingredient in modern, conscious kitchens. It has only a fifth of the sugar's energy value, but still can provide a very similar sweetness as your granny’s jams…
Taste it if you don’t believe it! ;)

Who is it for?

For you, if

  • you live a healthy lifestyle,
  • you regularly do sports,
  • you are on a diet,
  • you have a strong desire for sweets and desserts,
  • a lot of times you do not have time to eat healthily,

or you simply like treating yourself with the best tasting dishes of modern nutrition!

Try it for yourself!

How to take it?

Eat it whenever you feel like it on a crispy piece of bread, on pancakes, or even from the jar with a spoon ;) However you like it!

Packaging: 235 g

Flavours: Strawberry, Apricot