DARK - Limitless



Extremly strong pre-workout formula with megadoses

DARK - Limitless PWO compounds all the pre-workout ingredients in megadoses which the food supplement industry can provide. In every serving of Limitless PWO there is

  • 6000 mg citrulline-malate
  • 4000 mg AAKG complex,
  • 5500mg beta-alanin,
  • 19,5 mg guarana extract,
  • 358 mg caffeine,
  • 250 mg green tea extract,
  • 250 mg niacin*.

*niacin contributes in the normal energy-providing metabolism processes.

  • 7 main ingredient complex
  • 358 mg caffeine per serving
  • minimal sugar content
  • aspartame-free formule

Who do we recommend it for?

For you, if

  • on the hardest days you need something that gives you motivation for working out
  • you need more motivation and concentration
  • you’ve got used to the average-strength pre-workout formulas, and you are looking for something that’s effect you will surely feel
  • you do not make compromises in active substance doses

or you simply want to try a stimulant which truly does not know boundaries!

Try it for yourself!

Mix 1 serving (19g) of Limitless PWO with 250 ml cold water and drink it 30 minutes before your workout.

Flavours: blueberry, chewing gum

Package: 380 g (20 servings)