PURE - Egg Pro



Outstanding quality egg protein in classic flavors!

As most people know, the value of proteins is measured by a ratio number which is called Biological Value. For the calculation of this number several aspects are taken into consideration like the speed and rate of absorption, or the amino acid profile. However a lot of people do not know that the base number that the other proteins’ value is compared to is egg protein, just like we use glucose’s glycemic load to compare the absorption speed of other carbohydrates.

So egg protein is not only a very high quality protein, but since the product is entirely milk free, it is also lactose- and casein-free, and of course gluten free too.

  • 21 g premium protein per serving.
  • Natural amino acid profile.
  • Classic flavors
  • Aspartame-free.
  • Practical resealable packaging.

Who is it for?

For you, if

  • you need extra protein intake,
  • you actively do sports,
  • you are on a diet,
  • you wish to boost your muscle mass,
  • you have lactose or casein intolerance

or you simply want to have a delicious protein shake every day!

Try it for yourself!

How to use it?

Take 1-2 servings of Egg Pro protein every day according to your protein intake. The most important times of usage are breakfast and immediately after working out. Besides the regular usage you can use Egg Pro to flavor your oatmeal, enrich cookies, stuff pancakes and so on.

How to prepare: Mix one serving (30 g) of Egg Pro protein powder with 250 ml water or milk in a shaker or with a blender.

Packaging: 500 g

Flavors: Chocolate, vanilla