PURE - Oatmeal Pro


  • Free from added sugar
    Free from added sugar
    Contains solely naturally occurring sugars.
  • High active agent content
    High active agent content
    A product with an extra high amount of active agents.
  • High protein content
    High protein content
    A supplement with a high protein content.


A classic food in a new form!

If you try to follow a healthy lifestyle, you surely have already met oats, as one of the healthiest nutrients which you can consume to provide energy for your body.

Oat has so much beneficial effects that it would be hard to list them, but one of the most important ones is its carbohydrate content’s incredibly low glycaemic index. Thanks to that it can provide our bodies energy for a very long time without massive insulin respond. It is in connection with its high fibre content, which does not only support healthy digestion, but it slows carbohydrate absorption even further, which can be very beneficial during a fat burning diet.

Furthermore, oat has one of the highest amounts of protein content among grains, and the mineral and vitamin content is also outstanding.

In addition to the fact how many ways oats can be used, it can be a superb dietary supplement too for the one who struggle with eating the essentially needed nutrients for the healthy operation of our bodies.
For this purpose we created Oatmeal Pro, which in the contrary of ordinary oats, can be used in a comfortable, easy to make, water soluble way, thus simply providing us with all the useful nutrients oats can offer.

In addition, of course, you can also make healthy meals out of it, such as oatmeals, oat pancakes or even cookies without anguishing about the flavours, since our Oatmel Pro comes in two delicious flavours which are banana and chocolate-praline.


Who we recommend it for?

For you, if

  • you are on a fat burning diet, and are looking for a meal replacement which takes away your hunger and gives you energy for long with low calories
  • you want to gain weight, but it is impossible for you to eat the amount of carbohydrates needed for that
  • you could use such product at making healthy meals

or you simply want to experience all the health benefits of oat!

Try it for yourself!



Mix one serving (30g) Oatmeal Pro in 250ml cold water, or you can use it to make healthy foods according to your taste!

Size: 600g (20 servings)

Flavours: banana, chocolate-praline