DARK - TST Powder



TST optimiser formula with high active agent content

DARK – TST Powder is a unique mixture of plant based and amino acid ingredients, which can offer such popular, exotic ingredients in a good tasting form like Jam root powder, Maca root powder and Ginseng extract, and to make the product even better we complemented the formula with DAA, and with a complex of zinc, Vitamin B6 and Magnesium!

  • 5,15 mg Vitamin B6
  • 10,27 mg zinc
  • 523 mg magnesium
  • 2500 mg DAA
  • 1000 mg Jam root extract
  • 1000 mg Maca root extract
  • 300 mg ginseng extract

How to use?

Drink one serving (10 g) with your last meal of the day or right before going to sleep!