TST Powder

Normal hormone production supporting drink powder


  • Gluten-free
    A product recommended for those with gluten sensitivity.
  • Caffeine-free
    This product does not contain caffeine.
  • Free from added sugar
    Free from added sugar
    Contains solely naturally occurring sugars.
  • Lactose-free
    A product suitable for those with lactose intolerance.
  • Casein-free
    This product does not contain casein, suitable for those with casein intolerance.


TST Powder is a unique mixture of plant based and amino acid ingredients which can offer such popular, exotic ingredients in a good tasting form like Jam root powder, Maca root powder and Ginseng extract, and to make the product even better we complemented the formula with DAA, and with a complex of zinc, Vitamin B6 and Magnesium!

●      5,15 mg Vitamin B6

●      10,27 mg Zinc

●      523 mg Magnesium

●      2500 mg DAA

●      1000 mg Jam Root extract

●      1000 mg Maca root extract

●      300 mg Ginseng extract

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Blackcurrant flavored, Herbal extracts, Minerals and Vitamin B6 containing powder with sweeteners.


Ingredients: magnesium salts of citric acid, D-aspartic acid, maltodextrin, wild yam (Dioscorea alata) root extract (standardized to 16% diosgenin), maca root (Lepidium meyenii) powder, panax ginseng root extract (standardized to 20% ginsenosides), acid (citric acid), flavoring, sweeteners (sucralose, acesulfame-K), zinc citrate, pyridoxine hydrochloride, colors (ponceau 4R**, indigo carmine).

**ponceau 4R: may have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children.


Instructions for use: Mix one serving (10 g) with 250 ml water and take it with your last meal of the day or right before going to sleep. The scoop in the product serves as a help to take the powder out of the packaging, for exact serving measurements always use a digital scale!


Warnings: The product does not replace a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed the recommended dosage! Keep out of reach of children.


Best before: See the date indicated in the lot/exp. field.


Storage conditions: Store bottle tightly closed between 5-30°C. Keep away from direct heat, moisture & sunlight. Do not store for more than 6 months after opening.

Supplement facts

Supplement Facts
Serving size: 2 scoops (10 g)
Servings per container: 30


/ 100 g

/ 10 g

Vitamin B6

51,5 mg

5,15 mg (367%*)


102,65 mg

10,27 mg (102%*)


5 230 mg

523 mg (139%*)

D-aspartic acid

25 000 mg

2 500 mg

Wild yam (Dioscorea alata) root extract

10 000 mg

1 000 mg

- diosgenin

1 600 mg

160 mg

Maca root (Lepidium meyenii) powder

10 000 mg

1 000 mg

Panax ginseng root extract

3 000 mg

300 mg

- ginsenosides

600 mg

60 mg

*NRV%: Nutrient reference values of an average adult.