BASIC - Enzyme and Fibre


  • Lactose-free
    A product suitable for those with lactose intolerance.
  • Vegan
    Contains no ingredients of animal origin and is suitable for vegan diets.
  • Sugar-free
    Contains no sugar, making it an ideal choice for diets/ripped muscles.
  • Trans fat-free
    Trans fat-free
    The product contains no unsaturated fatty acids.
  • Added digestive enzymes
    Added digestive enzymes
    Easily consumed even by those with a sensitive stomach.


High fibre and digestive enzyme complex

In the rushing world we live in healthy eating has become a hardly achievable act, and the always available fast foods have been present more and more in the everyday life. This lifestyle puts a great pressure on our digestive systems, since it is much harder to get valuable macronutrients out of junk food.

To fight against this situation, we created ENZYME&FIBRE. The product contains a great amount of digestive enzyme complex, 1080qg in each serving, which is built up of the three digestive enzymes that have already proven themselves in our protein products: papain, bromelain and lactase.

Bromelain and papain not only have a great effect on general digesting, but the combination of the two helps your body getting the maximum amino acids out of even protein supplements – so that you can take your development or even your diet to a whole new level.

Our bodies can produce lactase enzyme, but mostly only as long as we really require it due to eating mother milk. After that most of us completely stop producing it, but it is quite sure that for a certain degree all of us hold back the production of lactase – that is the explanation to so much of us having lactose intolerance. Luckily the product can give a perfect solution to eating any food containing milk or lactose, since consuming one serving just before eating can prevent the unpleasant side effects!

To give the best, we even complemented the product with 1765mg of fiber complex of oat, wheat bran, apple, bamboo and orange fibers – which will support the healthy digestion without any inconveniences.

  • 1080qg digestive enzyme complex
  • 3 types of digestive enzymes– Papain, Bromelain, Lactase
  • added fiber content out of 5 types of high-quality fibers

We recommend it for you if

  • you want to get the maximum amino acids of the nutrients you eat
  • by having lactose intolerance, it is problematic for you to eat any food containing milk
  • you experience digestive inconvenience regularly
  • you find that your diet does not contain enough fiber

or you simply want to try something new to support the healthy functioning of your body!

Try it yourself!

How to use it?

Consume 2x2 capsules before two of your biggest meals, or two capsules anytime when you are about to eat food with high lactose content.
If you want to improve the quality of your nutrition supplements with enzymes and fibers, by taking apart the capsules add the content to your shake!

Size: 120 capsules – 60 servings