VITA - Guarana


  • Lactose-free
    A product suitable for those with lactose intolerance.
  • Trans fat-free
    Trans fat-free
    The product contains no unsaturated fatty acids.
  • Sugar-free
    Contains no sugar, making it an ideal choice for diets/ripped muscles.
  • Caffeine content
    Caffeine content
    The product contains caffeine.
  • High active agent content
    High active agent content
    A product with an extra high amount of active agents.


Pure Guarana extract in convenient capsules

Vita – Guarana contains 1100mg of guarana extract in one daily serving!

Guarana is plant that is autochthonal in the Brazilian rain forests, which has been in the usage of native tribes for hundreds of years for its beneficial effects. Guarana extract is high in natural caffeine, which can be absorbed slower than the caffeine in coffee beans, thus it can provide a longer effect than a presso.

Besides its vitalising effect it works very well as a fat burner, since its thermogenic action is guaranteed by the caffeine content, and it even supports our bodies to get energy out of fat more easily. Its natural mood and mental freshness enhancer effect is the icing on the cake!

Who we recommend it for?

For you, if

  • you are looking for something that can replace coffee consumption
  • you often feel tired and out of mood and you are looking for a natural solution
  • you want to complement your fat burner with something more to reach your goals even faster

Try it for yourself!


Take one serving with your breakfast or before working out, but be aware of the high caffeine content!

Size: 100 caps (50 daily serving)