VITA - Multi Mineral Caps PRO



Outstandingly strong multimineral complex even for athletes!

Luckily nowadays people are more and more aware of the importance of multivitamin supplements, since today it has been clear that low vitamin intake due to low quality foods has become normal. At the same time unfortunately the sufficient mineral intake is still in the background, however it happens to be just as important as vitamin intake.

Without sufficient mineral intake you are in risk of

  • high blood pressure and muscle cramps (lack of magnesium)
  • insufficient oxygen and carbon-dioxde transport by the blood (lack of iron)
  • insufficient blood sugar regulation (lack of zinc)
  • low quality blood production (lack of copper)
  • insufficient carbohydrate metabolism (lack of chrome)
  • or underactive thyroid operation (lack of iodide)

VITA – Multimineral PRO contains the most important minerals for our bodies in such amounts that they are enough even for athletes to maximise performance!

Who we recommend it for?

For you, if

  • you know that sufficient mineral intake is a must for the healthy operation of our bodies
  • you want to maximise your performance
  • you found all other mineral supplements too weak to you

Or you simply want to supplement your body and your health with a professional mineral product!

Try it for yourself!


Take one capsule with your first and with your last meal of the day with plenty of liquid

Size: 60 caps (30 daily serving)