WShape - Women’s Vitamin


  • Gluten-free
    A product recommended for those with gluten sensitivity.
  • For women’s needs
    For women’s needs
    The product was specifically developed for women.
  • High active agent content
    High active agent content
    A product with an extra high amount of active agents.
  • Sugar-free
    Contains no sugar, making it an ideal choice for diets/ripped muscles.
  • Lactose-free
    A product suitable for those with lactose intolerance.


A multivitamin and mineral complex with an exceptionally high level of antioxidants, specifically adapted to the needs of ladies

One serving of Wshape – Women's Vitamin contains

  • 12 different vitamins,
  • 11 types of minerals and
  • 7 types of antioxidants.

The product provides a superb complex of the most essential water and fat-soluble vitamins and minerals. When designing its composition, we took special care to not merely provide a comprehensive multivitamin solution for ladies, but also to facilitate youthful vitality and the preservation of beauty and health, thanks to its high antioxidant content.

High Vitamin B contentExceptional antioxidant content2 tablets a day dosage

Who is it recommended for?

You, if:

  • you need a professional multivitamin to support your lifestyle burdened with stress or physical activity
  • you'd like to provide for the best possible active agents to reinforce your immune system
  • your looks as well as your internal health mean a lot to you

or if you're simply looking for a multivitamin tailored to your needs!

Try it and see for yourself!


How to use?

Take one tablet with your first, and one with your last daily meal with an ample supply of liquids.

Packaging: 60 tablets (30 daily servings)